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Birthday celebrations with the team
Birthday celebrations with the team!

Since joining Kanaka Management Services in September 2022 as an Assistant Manager in Marketing & Communications, I have undertaken a multifaceted role that has allowed me to spearhead impactful initiatives in the carbon market arena. One of my notable achievements involved successfully revitalizing a 119MW wind energy project, recovering $500,000 through strategic negotiations and issue resolution with various project stakeholders. My responsibilities have extended to facilitating the creation of Project Design and Monitoring Reports (PD & MR), as well as Emission Reduction (ER) calculations for a diverse range of projects spanning agroforestry, energy, reforestation, and afforestation initiatives.

My dedication to strengthening client relationships and driving business growth led me to travel extensively to client sites and offices across 7 cities, covering over 13,000 kilometers and visiting 20 client offices. This in-person engagement has been instrumental in reinforcing relationships and fostering collaboration opportunities.

My role also encompassed overseeing the creation of impactful marketing collateral, including website content, brochures, and project descriptions on registries. Additionally, my execution of Public Relations and SEO campaigns resulted in a noteworthy 14% monthly organic traffic growth.

Functioning as a trusted liaison, I facilitated project compliance by effectively coordinating communication among stakeholders, including Verified Carbon Standard Bodies (VVBs) and Designated Operational Entities (DOEs).

Actively representing the firm at industry webinars and prestigious events like the G20 India Energy Week, I successfully expanded the network and connected with over 40 potential clients, enhancing our brand presence and fostering future collaboration possibilities.

Beyond client engagement, I have consistently collaborated closely with the legal team to refine contracts related to land and project ownership, ensuring the legal robustness of our initiatives.

Through proactive customer engagement and account management, I achieved a significant revenue increase of over $200,000, showcasing my ability to contribute to the company’s bottom line while delivering impactful results. This journey at Kanaka Management Services has allowed me to contribute uniquely to our collective mission of advancing carbon market solutions and driving sustainable change.


Marketing Consultant

At a company retreat
At a team Retreat
office space
Setting up the first of many office spaces!

ANTIBRND is an apparel start-up that seeks to democratise the retail market. Sourcing products direct from manufacturer to customers cutting out Brands and their over the top prices. Enabling customers to vote with their wallets on quality without compromising on price.

During my tenure as a Marketing Consultant at ANTIBRND from May 2020 to August 2022, I had the privilege of contributing to several milestones that played a part in the company’s growth and accomplishments. One of the significant achievements during this time was exceeding the 5 Lakh monthly sales target within the initial quarter of the relaunch. This outcome was a result of collaborative efforts and the implementation of sales funnels and marketing channels that resonated well with our audience.

I’m proud to have been part of the team that crafted impactful pitch decks, which ultimately played a role in the company’s selection for the ‘India Accelerator Programme.’ Enabling the firm to secure the next round of funding.

Recognizing the importance of a robust online presence, I took on the task of revamping the website’s content for improved marketing and SEO impact. This initiative led to streamlined operations and sales funnels, resulting in an encouraging 87% increase in web traffic.

Leading a dedicated 2-member marketing team, we collectively managed our social media presence and achieved a commendable 23% increase in conversions. This experience underscored the power of collaboration and strategic social media management. Occasionally I took on the roles of recruitment & HR helping streamline cross-organizational communication and administrative tasks.

My journey with ANTIBRND has been a continuous learning experience, allowing me to refine my skills in marketing strategy, sales funnel optimization, website content enhancement, and team leadership. These accomplishments remind me of the potential that emerges when a group of passionate individuals comes together to achieve shared goals.


Content Strategist

An apparel startup based out of Bangalore. Focused on quality clothing and creating fashion for a change. I helped the company in creating a marketing roadmap to achieve various sales goals. This included increasing their brand awareness and engagement online. Planning out various advertising campaigns. Ideating and creating various forms of content for use in their social media marketing and blog editing. I was also a contributing writer and editor on the company’s official blog. Through all of these responsibilities and a combined team effort, we ended up increasing sales by upto 10% in the time that I worked with them.



UniversalMind deals with students and professionals to identify their core skills, motivation and accordingly recommend them academic and professional paths. We mentor, recommend, train and course-correct students and professionals at various stages of academia and profession. Guiding them towards their next impactful career.
I created and executed written content strategies for increasing social media engagement and applying SEO tactics to existing and new media platforms. This led to an increase in average page engagement time by up to 25% and an increase in sales. My major role at UniversalMinds was handling the official blog, its content ideation, creation as well as tracking audience engagement. In addition to writing copy used in several client landing pages, blogs and brochures.

Da Vinci Clockwork


A new generation Media Production House focused on delivering quality media content to budding companies and entrepreneurs. Started by me and two of my college classmates fresh out of graduation after having noticed a boom in several new small and medium-sized enterprises in the city of Bangalore.

This boom meant that every new business needed to get online and drive  engagement with their customers to create an online presence and brand image. And that’s where we came in. We helped them by working either with or as their marketing team. Delivering on various forms of online media be it written, images, Videos or animation.

Our core responsibilities were creating a content marketing plan and strategy for our clients and executing on it. This involved managing their blogs, engaging with their customers online, creating short video adverts and executing various advertising campaigns. We aimed to be a one-stop-shop for all your Social Media Market needs. I headed the writing department where my role focused on handling all the written deliverables of our clients. Additionally, I also helped with video script writing and marketing campaign strategies as well as ideation for all deliverables. As co-founder, I have sat at the table on every negotiation and contract with every potential client that we had signed on.

My greatest accomplishment was acquiring and handling the account of one of our very first clients who became our longest and highest paying customers and eventually our friends once we closed.

HAL logo

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

Scientific Researcher

I interned as a research student at RWRDC(Rotary Wing Research and Design Centre) of HAL an Indian state-owned aerospace and defence company. It was a research position where I familiarised myself with the rigorous methodology of the processes of testing aircraft technology and its integration in helicopters both civilian & military. In addition to sitting in on design review meetings and learning about independent avionic systems and testing rigs I also got to experience the various in-flight tests conducted on the Light Combat Helicopter (LCH) variant of HAL DHRUV.


Content Writer

Navigus is a Global ed-tech company. Focused on international studies and work. Building technology tools to create perpetual guidance, mentoring and hiring platform that empowers students and young professionals to navigate the forever changing landscape of their careers.
During my internship there I handled the company’s official blogs and articles.
My role required me to create written SEO driven content for blogs and social media. In addition to collaborating with the marketing team on building a social media content calendar and executing it. As a direct result of the three months that I worked with them, I increased their average monthly blog views from 30 to over 500, creating opportunities for more potential users and customers.

Nuts&Bolts Productions



Co-founded Nuts and Bolts Productions in 2014, an amateur theatre group in Christ University. The group that we had started as an odd band of 30 people has evolved into a 200 member pan-university production team that has performed nationally. During my tenure, we put up 10 plays as a team, of which I took on the role of a producer for 3.

In the 3 plays that I had produced for we won the second and third place consecutively at the Proscenium Theatre fest held at Christ University.

Chennai Public School

Head Boy

Rotary Interact Club

South Division Director

Selected as Head Boy to represent the school’s entire student body. I had the opportunity to represent the school at various events and overcome my fears of public speaking by giving public speeches at school functions. [Public speaking still frightens me although]

During my tenure as Head boy, I undertook the coordination and event management for our School’s Annual Day celebrations and cultural programs along with the rest of the student council.

Appointed school club heads and co-ordinated the establishment of various school clubs. Additionally, I got the opportunity to be a part of a two-member team that represented our School at a MUN(Model United Nations) conference held in Chennai.

As the South Division Rotary Interact Club Director, our club hosted several blood drives and public awareness campaigns for thalassemia-afflicted children. Which resulted in 1050 voluntary blood donors over a single weekend. Also attended Rotaract Interact Clubs RYLA (Youth Leadership Awards) to learn from and interact with other various Division Interact Club members and Directors.