Navigating the Energy Landscape: Insights from India G20 Energy Week 2023

A pass to the India G20 energy Week

There are moments in one’s professional journey that stand out as unique privileges. Representing Kanaka Management Services at the India G20 Energy Week held in Bangalore in February 2023 was undeniably one such experience. The event gathered industry representatives from various sectors, including energy and manufacturing, all keenly interested in exploring the realm of carbon […]

Sisyphus update – Build 1.0

Sisyphus's punishment of carrying a boulder

Recently while I was catching up with an old friend from school I re-broached the topic of how my productivity has been completely shot lately and he empathised with me. We found ourselves discussing how the pandemic has devastated our routines. Later he told me about how he too was also going through something similar […]

Making a Habit Tracker of my own – Sisyphus

Book with Productivity written on its page.

The last three years have been quite unproductive for me. So I decided around August of 2020 to turn things around. With lockdown in full swing and the Pandemic having hit everyone. I figured now’s as good a time as any to get my shit together. Order from chaos, so to speak. Having decided that, […]

Potholes – One problem, a myriad of issues.

Potholes. An all too familiar bane of every city, road, highway and transport infrastructure. They serve as either a temporary reminder of seasonal rains or as a constant one of a city’s state of affairs. People have had issues with potholes for as long as roads have existed. It isn’t a problem that will ever […]

The push-up Equator.

Does not Equal sign.

Push-up Equator. We Have Been Measuring Push-up Competitions Wrong. I’ve been a top-heavy, chunky boy for a while during my childhood. Although I am currently working on altering that, don’t worry this post isn’t about my journey to getting absolutely shredded (fingers crossed) it’s instead about something that I discovered on the way there. (To […]

You Could be a Superhero!

A man in a Lucha Libre mask staring up.

Everybody wants to be a Hero but nobody wants to put in the hours. Don’t get me wrong neither do I. I am simply unable to find the time between studying, learning a new language, working and keeping up relations to put on tight spandex and jump about rooftops swooping down to save the day. […]